Search Engine Optimization

It’s so frustrating when you have a great product and a beautiful website, but you don’t seem to be getting visitors to your site or making many sales. Although a great site and products everyone wants are a big part of the puzzle, you’re still missing a few pieces. Fortunately, there is hope!

SEO is the process of getting organic (unpaid) web traffic to your site from search results on search engines, like Google, Yahoo or Bing. In order to attract organic traffic, you need to rank high in search engine results whenever a consumer searches for your brand’s keywords.

The Search Engines all have algorithms that determine the best websites and rank them based on what they consider most relevant to the users and their search. There are many factors that work together to improve your ranking, and no single factor will fix your SEO. Improving SEO is not an immediate process, but rather something that needs to be molded consistently over time.

To begin the process, we will

  • Analyze your current SEO rankings, successes and downfalls
  • Provide you with a customized Search Engine Optimization Report Card
  • Formulate an actionable plan that will improve your sites SEO and attract more organic traffic
  • Implement the plan and monitor results

Your needs will vary based on your current rankings, future plans, budget and goals. All SEO projects require 3 month contracts and are custom quoted based on your specific needs. Email us at to schedule your first initial consult call and project design meeting.

Stunning Websites

Your website is your #1 marketing tool. Most purchasing decisions begin online, and so should your marketing strategy. Websites are the key to growth and visibility for small businesses everywhere, but many business owners often underestimate how valuable a well-designed website can be for their business.

We want to help you make a great first impression within moments – a must for today’s short attention span. Our websites are modern, mobile and search engine friendly, easy to manage, built with your business goals in mind, stylish and easy to navigate.

Websites should not only be a branding tool, but a tool that generates leads and increases sales. You can be sure that your website will not only look great, but will also be built to generate revenue.

Built on the user friendly WordPress Content Management System or Squarespace (depending on your needs), we build your website completely custom for your business. Throughout the entire design process, you will be working with a dedicated Project Manager who will work closely with you to develop the best website possible for your business.


All Website Design projects are custom quoted based on your needs and your satisfaction is always paramount.
Email us at to schedule your initial consult call and project design meeting.

Social Media Management

A strong social media strategy doesn’t start with networks; it starts with a story and a connection that builds trust and authenticity for your brand.

The importance of Social Media is undeniable. Social media marketing drives traffic to your website, gives you excellent opportunities for brand exposure and builds relationships around the globe. But it’s not just a place to connect with family and old friends: research shows that 78% of consumers say that posts made by companies on social media have influenced their purchasing decisions.

Our experienced social media marketing experts can help you to achieve your goals by conducting an analysis of your business and formulating your social media plan. This will include:

  • Discussing your goals and your target audience.
  • Developing a strategy for voice, branding, posting and engaging on the most beneficial social media channels for your business (i.e. where your customers are).

Once your strategy is in place, we can help main your social presence by:

  • Posting interesting content on a regular basis to engage your customers.
  • Creating content specific to your brand.
  • Monitoring brand keywords and any mentions of your company.
  • Developing social advertisements.
  • Providing analysis of your accounts’ activity.

Social Media Management projects begin at $280 and are custom quoted based on your specific needs.
Email us at to schedule your initial consult call and project design meeting.


We would love to discuss your social media requirements in more detail. Please call us at 330 623 6843 or use the contact form to arrange a free consultation where we can review your needs and discuss your options.


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